Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Era??

So, in July I turned 40. I really thought it wouldn't bother me and had always said I couldn't wait to be 40. And it really hasn't bothered me, not the number anyway. It really is just a number. What has bothered me though is realizing that I really don't have that many years left to get in all the living I want to do still. Somehow, all those "I'll do it later" decisions have caught up with me and I am left looking at a lot of things not done that I had wanted to do.

Now I realize that life isn't over at 40 and I do have time left, but it really has been a wake up call to stop procrastinating and continuing to put off things I really want to do and make some decisions to "just do it" as the famous Nike slogan says.

I really do have a LONG list of things I want to accomplish and reality says I do need to prioritize it and really narrow it down to what the most important things are to me and get those set in motion.

I started this blog a long while ago and have never really kept up with it. Life just gets in the way and honestly, many times I just simply don't feel like anything I have to say is worth reading, by me or anyone else. My husband really is the one who has a gift/talent for writing, but I do hope that God will help me develop an ability to share the things that He puts on my heart, not for my glory, but hopefully that it will help inspire and encourage someone else who happens to read it.

One thing I have truly learned in my 40 years of living is that God never intends for us to be islands on our own. He created community and placed us in one to help us grow and thrive. We do ourselves a grave disservice when we try to avoid fellowship with others. Sure, relationships are not easy and community living is challenging many times, but the rewards and the joy that are found there cannot be matched by anything we can do by ourselves. So, God willing, this post will be just the first of many more to come as I share what God is doing in my heart and mind and teaching me as I journey through this life.