Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Eve of a New Month

Well, here we are at the end of one month and the beginning of a new one.  I have only known 2 people in my life who actually celebrate the beginning of a new month.  They inspired me with how they celebrate it to the point that I actually think of it on the first of each month, but as far as celebrating it, I haven't ever really done that.  However, tonight I am thinking about it a little differently.

Sometimes we get so stuck in our ruts and every day is just as dreary and gloomy as the next. But that is not how we as Christians, especially, are to live our lives.  I just finished an amazing book about the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and how we really don't understand just what that means for us.  Do we really understand that each day we have is a precious gift to us and God expects us to use it to glorify Him.  I don't know about you, but even though I call myself a Christian, most days I don't live any differently than my neighbor who doesn't claim christianity.  I am ill-tempered, grouchy, quick to snap at others when they don't line up with my expectations, and tend to have a scowl on my face more often than a smile.  Does that sound like the Holy Spirit living in me?

Last week I spent a lot of time working on decluttering and reorganizing my office and though I still have one spot to work on, it is very much more inviting to be in there now.  It has a sense of peace and calm to it now that was missing amongst all the chaos that was in there before.  I think that my spiritual life should be the same.  I need to get the junk out so that the Holy Spirit that dwells inside me can be free to empower me to experience the inner peace and calm that He desires me to have.  What better time to make this choice than at the beginning of a new month???  Actually, it would be a good decision any time of the month, but it's a little like the cherry on top to do it now, and I will be thinking of the two who inspire me with their monthly celebrations!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Six Months Later

I need to face facts -- I may never be a blogger.  I have made multiple attempts at being a blogger, but it just never happens.  First of all, I am really not a writer.  I can't come up with catchy things to say and though I think my family gives me a lot of fodder, so to speak, I can't really articulate it in a way that makes for great reading.

However, there are many times I feel a compelling urge to jot down my thoughts.  So, I am going to try a new approach to my blog.  I am just going to share what is on my heart and mind.  If it's not appealing to you, it won't offend me in the least if you don't want to read it.  I am not doing this blog for the sake of having multiple readers.  It is just a place for me to get my thoughts out of my head where I can come back and look later. 

Some of the interesting things going on in my life currently is that I just finished my freshman year of college.  I got all A's this semester, so I am pretty proud of that.  Only 3 more years to go!  :)  Kayla, our oldest daughter, has just finished her first year of nursing.  It has been a difficult year for her adjusting to life outside of college and in the working world, but I think she has done splendid and her heart is still set on being a missionary to Haiti and the Lord is moving her along in that direction.  Not as quickly as she would like, but He is moving and I know He has a perfect plan for her.  Shelby, our middle daughter, is engaged and is planning on a fall wedding.  Lindsay, our youngest, is still trying to decide what she wants to do.  Right now she is working almost full time at Sonic and loving it and is saving money for a car.  No firm decision yet made on schooling but we are still in negotiations.  LOL  Our grandson is growing like a weed and is the apple of our eyes!  We get him every weekend as his momma works 12 hour shifts on the weekends at a local nursing home.

Lately, I've been reading several books that have really been ministering to me and causing me to question and think on deeper things.  That is good.... but with knowledge also comes responsibility.  The Word of God says that we are to be "doer's of the Word", not only hearers.  I have learned so much recently in many areas of my life, which is also part of the reason I wanted to rekindle this blog.  Even if it isn't eloquent, I want to keep a record of all that I am learning and thinking on and also record what I am "doing" in response to it.

So, we'll see how I do.  Goodnight blog world....hope to see ya tomorrow!