Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Possible Phoenix????

Could it be possible that like a Phoenix, I too could rise from the ashes and have new life? My last post was very depressing was it not? I very much felt at the end of my rope and could not see the hope of anything good in my life again. Of course, that is seldom ever true. Life is always changing and nothing ever stays the same. The bad times always make way for better times and yes, even the better times fade into darker times, but that is just natural. I know that, but when it happens to me, I always tend to forget.

In the past month the Lord has shown me in more ways than one just how very much He is for me and not against me as I sometimes am wont to think. My biggest struggle continues to be putting into practice what I know to do. That is an issue in almost every area of my life too, not just one or two areas. I sometimes feel like I will never get on top of it and really become the person God wants me to be. I struggle with feeling overwhelmed on an almost constant basis and when I know there are specific things He wants me to do, I find myself procrastinating or making excuses for why I don't need to do it "right now". But I really don't want to reach the end of my life and realize that there is no time left to do the things that I had always thought I would get around to doing, you know?

So, how does one go about getting their life on track and getting back on track when they fall off? I should know - I have a bookshelf full of books on organization and prioritizing, etc. I remember someone once saying that they had adopted the Nike slogan for their life motto - "Just Do It". And a wonderful friend of mine told me once that I shouldn't look at the whole picture, just do the "next thing". I think that is what I will start doing - the next thing. It sure sounds good anyway.

Again, I apologize to any who read my last post. I really want to rise above the circumstances of my life and use them instead as stepping stones to get me to the place God has called me to. I know that God has not given up on me and He never will. Even if I give up on myself occassionally, He will always stay with me and pull me from the ashes so to speak and give me new life again to move ahead, ever onward and upward.

To better days ahead!!!!!