Friday, July 22, 2011

July Greetings

Okay, so my last post was a bit heavy.... I still feel very passionate about the topic, but am trying to temper my feelings with the love the Lord has for all mankind.  :)  And lest anyone think I am all about pointing fingers, I will say that I have been doing a lot of evaluating in my own life and making changes that I know God wants me to so that I can be a true and pure witness of His grace and mercy.

So, it is July and I have not kept up as I had hoped.  It has been a busy summer so far and very hot.  Unusually hot if you ask me, but I don't deal well with heat anyway. 

My baby girl left yesterday for her first big church camp in another state!  She has attended local church camps before but nothing as grand as this one will be.  I am very excited for her and though she's only been gone just barely 24 hours, I already miss her more than anyone would imagine.  :)  But I know she will have fun and I am trusting that she will be encouraged and strengthened in her walk with the Lord during this time in camp.

I can't believe college will be starting up in 4 weeks. I have so enjoyed the summer off, but know I will really enjoy the classes too.  I feel like I am making such slow progress, but in reality, December 2014 will be here before I know it. 

Our garden is doing fairly well, kind of slow, but what that probably means is that everything will probably harvest at once and I'll be buried in the kitchen.  I am anxious to get some things canned in preparation for the winter though.  There really isn't anything better than home-grown food.  Jalen ate the first cherry tomato today and we are hoping there will be many more ripening soon.  He and I eat tomatoes like candy...LOL

I have many projects I am working on and hoping to work on.  My first project of the summer was to get my office organized and I did get that done.  It has been such a blessing to work in there without all the clutter.  My next big project is decluttering one of the closets in our master bedroom and the master bedroom itself.  I am hoping to get all the rooms in the house painted before winter, but we'll see.  We have to refinance our house in August, so we are going to see about borrowing some equity to get some other house projects accomplished as well.  I am also still working towards bettering my health through dietary changes.  I have made several changes, but still have many  more I need to make. 

Spiritually speaking, I feel like the Lord has me in limbo.... I am sure that is not HIS intention, but is just my humanness showing.  I do not feel like we are at the church we need to be, but I am not sure where He wants us.  I have been leading a group study on the book by Francis Chan, called Forgotten God, and it has really made me aware of what I am missing in my relationship with God, so I hope as I learn more and apply what I'm learning that God will lead us to others who are like-minded and we can be encouraged and encourage others as well in this journey.  I posted on FB once that it was an amazing revelation for me to understand that my Christian life was more of an Americanized Christianity than a Biblical Christianity.  I only got a couple of comments on that, mainly asking what the difference was.  I will save my explanation for tomorrow's blog post....:)