Tuesday, March 4, 2008


As winter continues to linger here in the Ozark mountains of Missouri, I have found myself saying repeatedly "I NEED THE SUN!" I just seem to function much better in life when I get sunshine. I have been more irritable and grouchy and I feel like I have so many things to get done, but no energy to do them. Then, this past weekend, we had unbelievable temps! It was in the mid 50s on Friday, mid 60s on Saturday, and on Sunday we hit 72!!! Woo Hoo! We got the carport cleaned off and reorganized, rearranged some furniture in the house, and got my office painted and carpeted! I was walking on cloud 9 from all the energy I suddenly seemed to have.

Then, the thought came to me - if my physical body responds so well to the sunshine, how much more does the spiritual side of me respond to the SON (of God)? Just as I was dragging and being grouchy and irritable because I didn't have the sunshine to energize me, could it also be possible that my grouchiness or irritability came from not spending enough time with the "SON"? How much time have I put into spending time with the SON lately?

These thoughts have really weighed on my mind over the past few days. My conclusion is that if I was spending a little more time with the SON, then I might be able to bear more gracefully the days without much "sun".

Just some food for thought.

That said, this morning we got about 6 inches of snow, but by afternoon the sun was shining bright and the snow was starting to melt already. Come on Spring! And I am looking forward to spring in my heart as well.

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Happyhome said...

What a beautiful thought and so very true! I crave the sun each day, but do I crave the Son as well? I should if my priorities are straight.

Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers. Hope the Son is shining on you today!