Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday's Thoughts

Well, the Lord has certainly been good to me over the past few weeks. I am continuing on the path to personal revival and changes that are occurring inside my heart are starting to show up in my actions. Not that I am trying to toot my own horn there or anything, but too many times in my life I have gone through a time when I would get all excited about something, only to find that it was fleeting and didn't produce any lasting results. I just feel so different about all that the Lord is teaching me right now. I almost feel like a sponge in that everywhere I turn, there is another "something" to absorb. It is a great feeling and I know it is just preparation for what is to come.

Of course, all this has not come without a price. Satan is never happy when a lukewarm christian decides to get "hot", and will do whatever he can to intercept that. But strangely enough, I have met each derailment effort with a quiet calm and determination and an absence of fear. That has to be the best thing to come of this so far - the lack of fear. I have heard sermons by the boat load on fear, but I am finding out that for me at least, the deeper my relationship is with Christ, the less fear I encounter.

Lastly, a small update on the farm life here: We butchered a few meat chickens a couple of weeks ago, but they were a little smaller than what I wanted, so we are in the process of fattening them up some more before nabbing a few more. We have discovered though that there is a varmint of some sort under the chicken house (most probably a skunk) and it has killed one of our chickens so far. We are trying to figure out just how to fix that problem right now.

The garden is growing well. My dad brought over a large load of sawdust we are putting between the rows to help cut down on the weeds and add some nutrients into the ground. I am really getting excited about canning season...:)

We have several home projects we are going to be working on this summer. Instead of taking a small vacation we are going to put the money in the house. Though we do plan to do some camping and we will use our season passes to Silver Dollar City several times throughout the summer. One of the projects was finished today - a small one - a new shelf for my scrapbooking things. I am looking forward to getting more of my things organized and my table cleared off so I can actually have work space to craft again.

I guess that is all for now. Happy summer to all my blogging friends!

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The Farmers Wife said...

I wanted to give you a plug for this type of vacation. Due to cost of fuel, our own farm and responsibilities and simply getting away we have opted not to take a large vacation this year as well.We are ok campers but prefer a place called blue mountain campground.They have camping cabins they are a basic cabin with beds but have heat and air shower houses are just a few steps away and they have a pool and play ground. There is a grill right out side and picnic tables. We take cereal and stuff for sandwhiches and grill a few times a week but the cost is between 25 and 30 a night to stay and are right by SDC. Just wanted to pass on sounds like us this year.
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