Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Directions (And NO this is not a post about the show Glee!)

For so long now I have dreamed of being a "blogger". I have made several attempts at it but for a variety of reasons I just haven't ever achieved it. I do think about it a lot and many times ideas will flood my mind that I think would make good blog entries, but again, I just never get it to the actual blog.

Then I thought if I had a fabulously designed blog like so many others that I see, maybe that would inspire me to be the "blogger" of my dreams. But truthfully, I know that even if that were to happen, it would not automatically make me a blogger.

Maybe I am being simplistic, but I have decided that blogging for me is going to have to be done like eating an elephant - one bite at a time. Too often, in almost every area of my life, I can dream big and I can even attain all the knowledge to make the dream reality, but in the end if I don't actually "do" it, all I am left with is unrealized dreams.

So, my new goal is to just simply blog about whatever is on my mind, however short it may be, daily. Perhaps as time goes on and I maintain faithfulness in sharing daily, one day I may wake up and realize I have reached my goal of being a real "blogger".

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