Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Internet and Ministry

The internet ---an amazing invention. Ministry --- something every christian is called to do. Put them together and you have one amazing and awesome tool to touch people's lives with.

While I am still learning how to tweak my space here in blogger world, I was thinking today about how much the internet has impacted my life, and in a positive way. Besides having an answer to almost any question you have (thanks Google!), the internet has allowed me to meet people that I would have never met and to develop friendships that have stood strong and helped me weather many storms. When I first discovered email lists, I was amazed at how many people had the same interests as me! I have a love for scrapbooking and so those were the first email lists I joined. Then I realized there were "christian" lists for women as well, so I joined several of those. It has been an amazing journey for me personally, meeting so many christian women online, sisters in the Lord, with whom I share many common interests.

Yes, I attend a local church and yes, it feeds me, but I have to say that the christian women I have met online through email lists and now through blogs have truly enriched my life and encouraged my walk with the Lord, as much as those with whom I share a pew.

Owning an email list and writing a blog has allowed me to explore new territory in my christian walk and perhaps go a little deeper into a call I feel is from the Lord. Many years ago, the Lord spoke to my heart about a ministry he had for me, but I allowed Satan to trip me up and though I never lost faith in God, I never felt I would be able to minister to others the way I felt God had called me to. Just recently, God has been stirring something within me and He is taking me to a deeper place, a deeper relationship with Him, and I am starting to believe that God may indeed be "restoring what the locusts have eaten", in my life.

I am excited about what God has in store for me, but I am a little scared of not knowing just how the journey will go. I guess that is normal. One thing I do know is that God can and will and has used the internet to bring His message of hope, healing, and deliverance to many, including myself, and my desire is to be able to give back and share what the Lord has taught me in hopes that it will bring encouragement to others and point the way to Christ as our only hope in this life.

Internet. Ministry. A Good Thing!


Happyhome said...

Stand strong on what He has called you to do. Remember, what He calls us to do, He will equip us to do.

Happywife84 said...

How awesome! I"m praying for you & can't wait to watch you in your journey!