Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Ramblings

Well, it is obvious that I didn't reach the goal I had for my blog this year.  :(  But I do have some ideas about next year and I am hoping to find someone who is able to help me get a really good blog going.  I do want to recap my year though. I didn't get around to sending out Christmas cards this year or making a holiday newsletter, so this will be my year-end wrap up.

January 2010 - Shelby & Jalen moved home only 3 months after her wedding.  I decided to enroll in college after almost 20 years from my last class.

February 2010 - Tom & I celebrated our 22nd anniversary and Tom turned 41!

March 2010 - Kayla turned 21 and Lindsay turned 16!!!!  Shelby passed her GED!!!!!

April 2010 - Shelby turned 19!!!!  Lindsay hired at Sonic AND KFC/Taco Bell!

May 2010 - I survived my first semester back to college and Kayla graduated from college!!!!!!  Tom left MO-DOT for Ozark Mountain Tour Trucking (assigned to the Justin Beiber tour!)  Shelby's divorce was finalized!

June 2010 - Kayla started her new job at St. John's as a graduate nurse.  She was hired on full-time (an unusual accomplishment for a grad nurse to get full-time to start off). I took a summer course in college (college algebra).  Shelby started a new job at the nursing home and CNA classes.

July 2010 - Me, Shelby, & Jalen went to Kansas City to see Tom on tour.  Lindsay, Britian, & I went to Memphis to meet online friends and to see Tom on tour there.  I turned 41!!!!!  Kayla took and passed her state board test- is an official RN!!!!!

August 2010 - I started another semester of college.  Enrolled in 15 hours.  Started a new job that was full-time.  Lindsay went full time at Sonic and quit her KFC/Taco Bell job.

September 2010 - Tom came home for 4 days!!!!!! 

October 2010 - Tom came home for 3 weeks.  Got another job offer and turned in his notice at Ozark.  Will be home November 5!!!

November 2010- Tom came home to start new job!  Lindsay had a wreck that totaled her car, but God was with her and she and her friend and the other driver only had minor injuries.  Thanksgiving with all the family!!!

December 2010 - Shelby found an apartment for her and Jalen to rent starting the first of 2011.  Kayla came home day before Christmas Eve to have Christmas with us as she worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  First Christmas without all of us together on the actual day...:(  We filed for bankruptcy.  Maybe not the best thing to remember, but the economy hit us hard over the past 2 years and Tom has had multiple jobs, all of which paid much less than his previous job of 18 years, and we never could recuperate fully.  We are grateful for the fresh start and hope that 2011 will bring many good things to our lives and to the lives of our children and our friends!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

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