Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Well, it's officiallly the day after Christmas now, but I can't sleep, so I decided to "blog". :)  I am truly hoping to make a change this next year with my blogging habits and make this a much bigger part of my life.  There are so many things that I think about that I would like to share, and also archive for my family, but I will share more of that in another post.

I have been pondering the idea of how New Years Day comes so soon after Christmas Day.  For years I have always thought it was kind of aggravating that the 2 holidays are so close together because it just seems to make for a very busy time.  However, today as I was thinking about goals for the New Year, I was also thinking about the real reason for Christmas.  For those of us who believe in Christ, we acknowledge that God was the first gift-giver in that He gave us His son to become the sacrifice for our sins. What a humbling and sobering thought when we consider the gifts we give.  As I started reflecting on this amazing gift we've been given, I then started seeing how amazing it is that New Year's Day comes so soon after.  As we ponder the amazing gift we've been given, which when we accept it, wipes our sin slate completely clean, only then can we really appreciate the fullness of what a New Year brings to us as well - a similarly clean slate to begin life anew again so to speak.  The two holidays really do fit well together - A gift that brings new life.

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