Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yesterday while running errands, Shelby made a comment that Jalen was "happy as a lark". I chuckled a bit at her phrase and she asked me what was funny and I told her it was just the phrase she had used. She laughed too and then said, "I don't even know what a lark is." LOL

Isn't it funny how we grow up hearing phrases and we somehow figure out the context they are used in, but we really don't know what they mean? So, according to :

Lark may be a noun: 1. it is a bird 2. a prank
or a verb: 1. to have fun; to frolic and play 2. to make fun of; to tease

I am not really sure Jalen was happy as a lark after all, since he was just sitting in his carseat looking around, but the phrase matched the mood I guess...:)

Another phrase Shelby has been using lately when Jalen falls asleep is "out like a trout". I didn't look that one up, but I am assuming its only relevance is the fact that the first and last words rhyme.

So, what are some expressions you find yourself saying and do you know what they really mean? I would really love to hear them, so leave them in my comments, okay?


SenomesDesigns said...

Out like a trout is one I've never heard either...I was watching LOST the other night, and the phrase, "I got Scooby Doobed" was used. I LOVE that - one of the characters got another character to fall for something - in otherwords Scooby Doobed...


Kayla said...

So, she got Out like a trout from me! :) We used to say it at sonic when an order was ready to be taken out... :)