Saturday, January 16, 2010

Half Gone

Well half of the first month of the new year is already gone and I am just now getting around to blogging. Seems that some things just never change. LOL

I have had a very rocky start to this new year. I kind of had a feeling getting ready for 2010 that things wouldn't be great right off the bat, but little did I know just exactly what kind of things I would get hit with. This past week was probably the roughest for me in that I really let it all overwhelm me and I was having a very hard time struggling to get beyond that, but this morning I awoke determined to not let it beat me down anymore. Sure, times are hard and probably gonna get harder. I can either choose to focus on wondering how I will survive the harder times that are sure to come or I can choose to focus on my relationship with Christ who will be the one holding my hand and seeing me through the hard times that come.

I know every year most people set goals or resolutions for that year and I am just like everyone else. I write them down and dream big, but generally by the time the year rolls to an end I find I did not accomplish even one of the lofty goals I had and actually for the past few years I haven't even bothered to write them down new - I just recycle the ones from the previous year. How sad is that??? So this year I have decided that I am just going to pick a few things I want to work on (no more than 3 I think) and focus on those. Something I am just starting to learn is that it is not about how "much" one accomplishes, it is about what you learn in the process of accomplishing, if that makes sense?

So, to anyone who stumbles across this blog post, I challenge you to just pick no more than 3 things to work on this year and just focus on those and see just how much working on those 3 things changes multiple things about your life.

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